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I can't seem to find a wallet to keep the EOS... Is there someone who can help me... thank you in advance :)

Exodus ! Their website is Exodus.io

Has anyone ever figured out why there will only ever be 21 witnesses to run the entire network?

Basicly, EOS needs 20 to be decentralized and to arrive at consensus you need an odd number so +1. If you have more block producers its just wasting electricity and not gaining much more decentralisation.

Which books have you read that you think would benefit the EOS community to read also?

Brock pierce always mentions the starfish and the spider. I got it on audible! It's a good insight to what these guys are thinking with DAC's.

I'm trying to register my ether wallet with my tokens but there is one step that bugs me alot. When I'm trying to generate my EOS wallet offline, it gets stuck at loading (it says ''EOS KEY GENERATION...Loading'')
I know most people do that online, but I feel it's kind of sketchy to generate your wallet (including you private key) when you are not offline. I downloaded the files from the website everyone refers to (https://nadejde.github.io/eos-token-sale/) but I thought this meant you could generate the wallet offline like MEW does (when you download their files, you can use it offline).

Just get a ledger Nano s and come back to it, you’ll be glad u did.

I have been reading that you might have to have a separate wallet for eos. I have a couple other coins in the same wallet is this a problem or do I need have a second myetherwallet. This token is confusing the heck out of me. I just want milk that taste like milk

No just your MEW is fine. In June when the on chain tokens are released you will use a separate EOS wallet. Plenty of time to worry about that! But you do need to register your wallet with your EOS public key. Lots on online tutorials on that.

Can somebody please help. A few weeks ago i seen a link to a website you can check your ETH address to check if its registered properly to EOS.... does anyone have this link


Should we register our tokens at MyEtherWallet everytime we bought new EOS tokens? I have bought some and keeping it in EXODUS and registered it once but I have bought more..so what should I do?

As I understand it, the registration only has to happen once. You can control it by going to MEW, then go to "Contracts", then select EOS, then enter "Keys" then its Wallet address. Then the registered EOS address would have to appear. The Puplic Key probably noticed. Never give out the private key !!!!

Is price of EOS gone down because people don't want to let go Ethereum and other crypto's or what? I'm not a expert, but what I heard EOS has better performance. Is buying EOS good idea?

Do your research. Until EOS has utility or is being used for something(other than speculative trading), I wouldn't invest more than you can afford to part with. Unless you do research all other answers are opinions.

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